Friday, March 27, 2009

Q1 2009 Survey Results

The third installment of the Quarterly Satisfaction survey was released on March 6, 2009 with the 3.07 update. The survey was displayed on the “What’s New” page to 10% of the incoming population and was completed by 15,682 people in eleven locales (Hebrew is the newest locale to join the survey distribution).

(For the results of the last two quarterly surveys, click (Q308 or Q408)

Overall, I’m happy to say that the responses to our survey have remained consistent from last quarter, with our current customer satisfaction coming in at 82.6%. Although this is a drop from last quarter (84.3%) the difference between the two is 1.7 percentage points, which in essence, almost identical from last quarter. A comparison to and discussion of some differing results from last year will be explored in a follow-up post.

Looking at the rest of the results, we've pretty much stayed consistent with our results from Q4 of 2008.

Recommendation/Word of Mouth is the main way people find out about Firefox, with PR outreach (online and offline news & blogs) coming in second.

This next question was added in Q4--results have remained about the same, with most responders (75%) using Firefox for more than a year.

Performance is still the primary reason for download with security coming in as the second most popular reason.

Question 5 is interesting to me because it indicates that most people are aware of the ability to customize Firefox, but Performance is still the stronger reason to use Firefox.

I included a good portion of the results for question 6 so everyone could see what other browsers our users are using. I was also surprised by the low number of responses that named websites as opposed to browsers--I was expecting a little more terminology confusion.

This is a new question attempting to better answer why people use other browsers beyond Firefox. The main reason people use other browsers, seems to be a lack of compatibility--some websites users want to use are not behaving properly. The next major reason is because people aren't able to use Firefox at their place or work or their school. Both of these reasons were very much expected and we are continuing to work hard to be as compatible as possible.

This question was also pretty consistent, with most responses coming from the mid-usage range.

Here is where we usually calculate the "Customer Satisfaction Score". We do this by adding up the % of people who answered 4 and 5 and subtract the number of people who responded 1 or 2. For this quarter, we have a score of 82, which is about 1.5 percentage points less than last quarter. (Read this blog post to learn more.)


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