Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Feedback request: Changing the user experience of the all.html page

The current all.html page is an important part of the user experience at mozilla.com--it's the one page we have to help our users find the right system, language or version of Firefox from the home page. More than that, it's our central portal to all the languages and language tools we offer and it represents all the hard work and dedication the l10n community has put in to make sure that everyone has access to Firefox.

The link can only be currently found under the green download button on the en-US home page and is the main way that people from communities without localized landing pages access their language tools (another project Seth Bindernagel and I are working on). Regardless of how people get there, the all.html page is important to maintain and improve because it is one of the principle ways people access Firefox in different languages.

Having said this, the current all.html page not performing well: 44% of users are bouncing (ie, immediately leaving the page). With more than 250,000 users hitting that page everyday, the page is an important web property and we need to try and maximize the number of these people that actually download by making the download process as easy to understand and as intuitive as possible. Right now, only 25% of those 250K hits (54K) manage to hit download.html which signals to me that either people are not finding what they are looking for or we're doing a bad job of explaining the purpose of the page. I personally believe that it is a combination of the two.

I think that the majority of people hitting this page speak a minimal amount of English and thus do not understand what to do because the page is

1) Wordy and written in English
2) most of the page is displayed below the fold
3) Although the information is displayed in list form, it is overwhelming to a non-English user.

After going through a lot of internal discussions, particularly with Faaborg and other UE experts, I decided that it was worth talking to The Royal Order, a website design firm that designed Mozilla.com, to see if they could make a create an all.html page that would be more intuitive, visually interesting and more obvious in its call to action.

Below you will find the jpegs of the first round of mock ups that the TRO delivered today. Although it is early in the re-design process, I think its important to get the community's input as early in the process as possible in order to ensure that we create the best site we can.

Let me reiterate that these mock-ups definitely need some work before we consider going live. This is why we need your help...we want to hear your thoughts about the design direction for each so we can decide which one to pursue. Essentially, I need to know which of the two concepts, overall, do you like/prefer?

Option 1, Page 1

-Map is Intuitive
-When you mouse over the continents/regions they are highlighted orange.
-Visually interesting
-Not too many words

Other thoughts:
Overall, we feel like this page needs a stronger
instruction on how to find the right download for you--maybe with a demonstrative graphic at the top of the page?

Option 1, Page 2

-Organization by region is intuitive
-Native form of language displayed first.
-Easily toggle between systems, versions
-Differentiates between packs, beta versions, localized versions.
-The entire box is highlighted green and to download you click on the box you want.
-Information on page is not too overwhelming.
-Can easily add languages to each region without mkaing the page seem longer.

Other thoughts:
We're thinking that the break down of continents into mini-regions is a concept we want to rethink before going live. There seem to be too many ways to mis-categorize countries and groups of people and we don't want to offend or upset anyone. Be assured that we're working on this issue.

Option 2, Page 1

-Page split up by continent
-Click on a continent, you can use drop down to select a region.
-Native form of language listed first.
-Toggle between systems easily.
-Whole line highlights green when you scroll, and you click the entire line to download.

Other thoughts:
The list format, though easier to read, still seems overwhelming.

Option 2, Page 2

-Continents section highlighted when you scroll over it.
-Easily add other languages to the list.
-Separation between language pack, localized version, beta versions.

We're eager to improve this page, so please send us your feedback as soon as possible.

Thanks for the thoughts!

I want to note even though we will decide to go with a version of these two options, this does not mean that the old page will be thrown away. If it turns out that the old page does a better job of securing downloads, we will revert back and try something else.


Blair McBride said...

Definitely option 1, with the maps. Pictures/diagrams/maps are a universal language. And there's not so much information overload.

Benoit said...

The continent approach just doesn't work for French, I think you can find a French-speaking country on almost everyone of them.

You will also have to duplicate languages from countries spanning multiple continents, such as Russia or Turkey.

Oh, and in Europe we are teached that Australia is not a continent as it is part of Oceania.

That's just if you thought continents were easy :)

Nukeador said...

I think that it would also useful to have and autodetection code for the user prefered language and offer him a link: "It seems your prefered language is French".

I also think that continents/countries are sometimes confusing when you mix them with locales. Also that's one of the reasons it's not recommended to use flags to represent languages.

steven said...

I share the concern about trying to map languages to countries. I'm sure you can find someone speaking just about every language in the world living in Toronto.

Of course, people will likely know what country their language is associated with, but it's still an awkward means of selecting language (though very pretty).

Guillermo said...

I think that the map is a better option. Like @benoit said, continets aren't the same all over the world.

But maybe Languages are more useful than countries/continents. In South America we have localizations for Argentina's Spanish and Brazil's Portuguese, and maybe someone of Peru prefer another spanish than Argentina. And if he/she choose the South America map, mozilla will suggest Argentina's Spanish or Brazilian Portuguese.

Percy Cabello said...

I have made a mockup you can see here: http://mozillalinks.org/images/downall.png

- glyphs are usually an easy way to identify things, so languages are first grouped based on their alphabet: roman, cyrilic, asian

- then, languages are grouped by language families: germanic, roman, western europe, arabic, indian, far east. As a Spanish speaker, when I see Italian, Portuguese, or French I know I am close to what I'm looking for. I'm guessing the same applies to other languages that share a common origin.

- finally, there is a loose geographic arrangement: western (america + western europe) -> mid europe -> scandinavian ->western europe -> asian

- alphabetical order could apply for Roman alphabet languages but not sure about it.

Once the user clicks on his language, the language name and the word download in the selected language is presented along with individual buttons for each OS.

Other than trivially letting English speakers what language each one is, I see no use for all the English language names. They could still be English captions to keep the information without wasting space.

Also, just as the software has to be final quality to be in that page, so should be localizations. So, they should either be ready and listed, or not ready and not listed.

My apologies in advanced for any unintentional mistake with the sorting and groupings. I am no expert on language history but there are natural language commonalities, hence groupings, that may make sense for users.

Peter Lairo said...

I also think the map is a mistake - for the reasons already stated and because it increases the number of clicks to get the download started.

Web design companies are very tempted to radically change a (perfectly good) design to justify getting paid.

I think reason #2 (most of the page is displayed below the fold) and then the related #1 (Wordy and written in English) are probably the biggest reason people get confused. I think #3 () is probably not even a reason, give some minor tweaking of the existing page.


0. Do as much as possible to move the download list up as high as possible.

1. Change "Download a Firefox version that speaks your language." to "Download Firefox in your language"

2. Delete: "Firefox is available in over 45 languages, thanks to the contributions from Mozilla community members around the world." We've already bombarded them with propaganda on the home page.

3. Remove the "Features / Security /..." menu on the right, or title it with something clear, like "About Firefox".

4. Remove the logo and jump anchors, or move them to the top-right.

5. Put the language's primary flag in the left column. Yeah, I know... Who cares!? It'll still be much clearer for almost all cases that way.

Please, no click-me maps and always let the user select any language and any OS!

Brandon said...

I've heard a lot of people from european p.m.o. (or maybe just glazou a lot of times) stating very clearly that "flags are not a good description of language"... I'm not sure if maps are much better, since, especially if somebody can't read the title text because they don't speak english, might just click on the country they live in instead of the country of the language that they speak. And then they would get something in some weird language, and then they just give up.

And, i don't really know what the percentages of people in the world know where the language that they speak originates. Especially if there are minor dialects. I mean, what if to get "generic english" you had to click on great britain? I'm sure that many many of the smaller languages have problems similar to that.

So, i think i'm in favor of percy's mockup, certainly in combination with option 2, and i can imagine europeans and everyone not in america preferring something not map-based.

I do, however, really like the fact that you're doing something about this page.

Tomer said...

I found that people here in Israel prefers to use the English version or the localized one. I order to make it the most easy task for them, we've launched our own download page (in fact, there are only few links to that page) at http://firefox.co.il/download/, which allows the user to download the browser in his prefered language and os, and still it doesn't take too much space.

We can expand it and give the little green download box more power so users won't need the all.html page at all.

Samuel Sidler said...

I was going to comment saying that maps aren't a good indication of language, but everyone else already did that... and I agree for all for all of the reasons listed.

Nukeador said...

+1 to Percy's mockup with some changes:

I would just order locales alphabetically with their name in their language and just separating the occidental, Cyrillic and Asian as 3 groups to be able to sort them.

Tomm said...

I would consider using faceted navigation (an interaction design pattern) on this page.

It's a very flexible and powerful navigation paradigm that (among other things) gives the user complete freedom in selecting continent/version/os/alfhabet in the order he/she prefers.

Or simply just select a language from the list (if they deem it scannable enough).

I made a very simple mockup of this page using faceted navigation:

All versions

All versions > Europe

kairo said...

What about languages like Esperanto, which doesn't belong anywhere on the map actually?

Also, why not just display any matches between the user's Accepted-Languages header and our list as preferred options at the top?

Pike said...

I have three concerns about the map, the first is accessility. No idea how to make a good accessible page here.

The next concern is echoing what KaiRo said about Esperanto, though that's an edgecase which can just be fixed somehow.

The biggest point is actually my third one. Lack of education. Have you seen those reports on TV where people on the street are asked to point at the continent they're on? Depressing, but true.

I don't think that the map proposed comes with any of the common problems of flags or countries, as it was way more corse than that. I'd try to keep France and Spain in the same region, as there are a variety of languages fighting over that border, but that's an implementation detail.

The most common complaint was that the languages should appear more than once, and that's totally possible. Like, adding Turkish and Arabic to the languages offered in Europe makes total sense to me.

I personally am a friend of faceted browsing, but that needs some form of entry hook.

Maybe some form of autocomplete search bar?

I found percy's mockup to be totally confusing, btw.

To get the UI bootstrapped with user data, we'll run into a performance problem. But maybe we can just create a small js data piece from geo-location and accept-lang. The latter is likely going to be less important, as many people don't configure accept-lang to actually work for them. I guess.

Gerv said...

What would be wrong with a page that went like this (in a sensible and perhaps dynamic order based on accept-language, popularity, alphabetical or whatever):

I speak English (en)
Je parle Francais (fr)
我说普通话 (zh-TW)
Я говорю по-русски (ru)

After they've picked that, you can worry about OS etc. on the subsequent page, which will actually be written in the language they speak.

Pike said...

I wonder if we could seed the offered data by time-of-day.

Would we have stats on how locale downloads spread over the day?

Greg K Nicholson said...

Give up on trying to show all the information in a list.

If I'm looking for the Icelandic translation I don't need to know what version the Dutch translation is at.

Just show the language names, in the native form. Nothing else.

1. Highlight each language when hovered—a big green box, perhaps.

2. Intensify the highlight when it's clicked—make the box a stronger green. Fade the other languages.

3. Expand the selected language's box to show the version number, the guessed OS, and a large “Free Download” link. Have a small link to choose a different OS.

4. Clicking outside the selected language's box deselects that language.

Maps won't work, for much the same reason flags don't: they represent countries. Several countries can use one language; one country can use several languages.

Language is the best way to represent language.

It doesn't matter if I can't read all the options: I'll be able to read the useful ones.

(One small problem: maybe I want the Chinese version but don't have support for Chinese characters in my current browser. Simple solution: show language codes as a fallback, discreetly, immediately below each language's name.)

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Definitely option 1, with the maps. Pictures/diagrams/maps are a universal language. And there's not so much information overload.

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